A liberal who supports gun rights… really?

There’s plenty of argument about guns today. As both a supporter of gun rights and a political liberal, it’s a difficult time. Being pro-gun right now is a little like being a fan of porn — it’s a topic best avoided in most family and social settings.

Yet it is possible to support, as I do, both gay rights and the right to be armed. To care about preserving both the ecosystem and the Secondarmed_liberal_mousepad Amendment. To believe in a woman’s right to choose as well as my own right to self defense. To be a member of PBS and of the NRA.

I see my fellow liberals ranting against guns and using dishonest arguments to condemn my right to arm myself; I see my fellow gun-rights supporters reciting clichés and presenting maladroit and insensitive arguments; I see vilification on all sides. But why is it a liberal thing to want to disarm people? To me it is not; leaving people their rights and curtailing them as little as possible — the essence of the Bill of Rights — should not be a conservative monopoly.

Why does the ACLU fight to defend civil liberties — all except one?

In this website, I plan to offer my voice on issues like gun ownership, safety, and responsibility. This is a very divisive issue in our community and I don’t expect to change many minds, but perhaps I can have a tiny impact by presenting a reasoned and unconventional viewpoint. Where time and space permit, I’ll try and provide useful references for facts that I present; if I make any claims with a proper citation, go ahead and assume that it’s just my opinion if you like.

I may decide to open sections for comment. In the meantime, please direct any comments to me using the contact form.

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